Welcome to Our Services page, where we offer an extensive range of bespoke canvas and PVC goods. Our company is based in Bristol, and we take pride in manufacturing all our products by hand in the UK, using only the highest quality materials. We offer a variety of services, which we will outline below.


We have worked with many customers in the leisure industry, producing an array of bespoke products to suit their individual needs. Our specialist team is on hand to discuss any request, whether for garden furniture covers, windscreen protection, car boot lining, cushion covers or pop-top canvases. We tailor each product to fit your exact requirements, ensuring you receive an item of superior quality.


Our range of industrial goods is equally impressive. We can create custom carry bags, buggy covers, trampoline pads, fairground ride covers and roof canopies. Our experienced staff are knowledgeable and involved throughout the process, giving you the confidence that you will receive the best advice and service.

Trailer Covers

Our trailer covers are designed and manufactured precisely, ensuring a perfect fit for any size or profile. We can also provide sign writing to your covers, offering the added benefit of advertisement for your business. We always ensure that our high-quality covers provide the required protection for your trailer, no matter the situation.

Outdoor Curtains

We specialise in creating bespoke outdoor curtains that provide excellent protection from the elements. Whether you need a curtain for your residential garden, a school playground, or a workshop, our tailored curtains are perfect for every situation. Depending on your requirements, we can create curtains using a charcoal grey top gun or heavy-duty PVC material.

Bespoke Canvas and PVC Services for Your Next Project in Bristol

We offer our services in the Bristol area and are happy to assist you with any request, big or small. Our experienced staff will provide impartial advice, offering solutions tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your next project and one of our specialists will be on hand to discuss your needs.