Kingswood Canvas Limited is a family-run business based in Bristol with over 40 years of experience manufacturing top-quality PVC and Canvas goods.

We take pride in serving the local community with our tailor-made solutions designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our products are made to the highest quality standards and undergo industrial stitching and high-frequency welding before being finished using our electronically operated eyeleting machine, ensuring a durable and robust end product.

We are experts at designing bespoke products and offer a plotting and cutting service for trade use only. Whether you need a trailer cover or a pop-top canvas for your VW Transporter or Ford Transit conversion, we have you covered. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to discuss your specific requirements and suggest the best solution for you and your business.

At Kingswood Canvas Limited, we believe in providing exceptional customer service to all our clients. As a Bristol-based company, we take pride in our local community and the role that we play in it. Our bespoke canvas and PVC products have significantly impacted the local market, and we continue to strive for excellence in delivering unmatched quality products and services to the Bristol area.

Our products are custom-made to cater to the unique requirements of our customers, and we offer a range of protective covers and bespoke bags, which are ideal for personal and business use. We welcome you to make an appointment to visit our premises in Bristol, where a professional staff member will be present to engage with you and offer tailored recommendations.

We are committed to delivering the best possible service to our local community. Contact us today, and let our experts help you enhance your business with the best possible bespoke products.